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The REHABILITATOR™ represents a significant advancement in knee bracing. Guardian REHABILITATORS™ strengthen the affected leg during brace wear such that the affected leg is clinically strengthened, gait is restored, and significant clinical benefits carry over UNBRACED after just 90 days of brace wear. This system of knee braces is an alternative to functional knee braces and has significant prehabilitation and rehabilitation benefits dramatically improving patient outcomes in as little as 90 days.

Guardian Knee Braces are the only clinically proven braces to significantly delay the progression of knee OA, demonstrate significant improvements in patient leg strength, pain relief, and patient gait after only 90 days of brace wear. All improvements were measured UNBRACED. Use of the OA REHABILITATOR™ was found to be more effective than physical exercise programs alone in the conservative management of knee OA.

Reparel Sleeves

reparelReparel Sleeves offer superior technology designed to promote healing better than compression methods. Reparel Sleeves are crafted from fabric composed of synthetic fibers that incorporate finely processed, semi-conductor nanoparticles chosen specifically for their relative efficiency at transmitting energy. This energy promotes better cell metabolism and better circulation.

knee-sleeve.jpgA three-dimensional weave creates a durable, comfortable sleeve that maximizes exposure of the active material to the skin surface of the knee, ankle, elbow, arm or wrist. Users report that Reparel Sleeves reduce pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel and other conditions. This product also promotes relief of sporadic pain and swelling associated with older surgical procedures and significant reductions in acute, post-operative lower extremity inflammation.

Phits Insoles

Phits LOGO

The world’s first dynamic 3-D printed orthotics, Phits Insoles combine hyper-accurate dynamic gait analysis with state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques to produce the ultimate in customized insoles. In 2015, Archway introduced Phits Insoles—already a phenomenon in Europe—to providers in the mid-Atlantic market: healthcare practices, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics, sports organizations and others.

Phits Insoles are use the latest technology to produce world-class results:

  • footscanfootscan®   This easy-to-transport, plug-and-play system uses more than 5,000 sensors to take 300 measurements per second—quickly and accurately measuring the plantar pressure of a patient’s foot.
  • Gait Essentials   This included software renders all measurements into imaging that enables analysis, diagnosis—and development of incredibly precise insoles.
  • Phits Insoles3-D printing     This process “engineers” footscan® data into a thin, lightweight and dynamic insole customized to support the every move of each individual. A cushioning layer mounted on top of the insole adds extra comfort to the final product.